Saturday, December 19, 2009

Prints! "IMG_4963" limited to 20

Finally I've got some prints of my own. The Superplan online store offers a limited edition print of IMG_4963.

It's 50 x 70 cm printed on 308 g/m2 Hahnemühle Photo Rag and limited to 20 prints.

The print is signed and numbered.

Superplan online store.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Miami: Some Impressions from Primary Flight and the City

Here's what I came for: my mural on North Miami Ave and NW 31st Street.
A lot of painting was going on literally around the corner from my piece, but at first I was too preoccupied working on my own wall to take pictures and by the time I had to leave the others weren't finished.

I am very bad with names and it's a pity I couldn't remember all of them, but allow me to drop the few I do recall: to my left were Typoe and Revok, around the corner from them Shepard Fairy did a big (actually biiiiiiig) mural.

Mr. Logan Hicks wasn't only busy painting at several locations, he is also a curator for Primary Flight and the one who got me in. On my last night in Miami it was already dark when I came to his spot on NW 2nd Ave and NW 23rd street, but Logan was still painting and a gang of photographers were lurking in the shadows, documenting every one of his moves.
The bottom photo shows one of Logan's pieces from last year.

I met Gaia this year in July during "Street/Studio" at Irvine Contemporary in Washington. Here is a photo of the piece he painted at the entrance of the Scope art fair. Blue skies would have been nicer, but heck, the piece is also half blocked by cars and scooter.
The second piece is in the street leading to Scope, the artist appears to be Asylm.

Shepard Fairy's almost finished piece. I don't have a photo of the finished work, but it is quite safe to assume that you're going to find it somewhere on the web - if you look really hard.
Audi on the other hand had a pavilion built right at the beach in Miami Beach to celebrate itself and the release of the latest A8 limousine. Quite certainly it was a coincidence that the event was scheduled in sync with the art fairs in Miami and lo and behold there was art in the pavilion. The sculpture in the photo showing Chairman Mao and Josef Beuys is by Li Zhanyang.

I am afraid that in a place like Miami Beach the effort of the valiant pilot might be in vain. But see for yourself, lest you forget.

The rest is a mix of impressions: big assed trucks, inviting immigration offices, an iguana and, oddly enough, a church that's up for rent.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally... Photos from "Grains of Wrath"

After what feels like forever I've managed to take some decent photos of the artwork in my current solo show at Wilde Gallery in Berlin.

Let me say this: these pieces are a *major* pain in the ass to photograph, thanks to the combination of pitch blackness and low contrast. Everyone who is interested in these is strongly encouraged to have a look at the real thing. If I may quote freely from what I have heard at the opening: it's one of the rare occasions when the pieces look better in nature than in the photos.

The photos at the top are: IMG_5430 - John Wright, IMG_3997

So here's the first batch of new works:
IMG_1298 - Kreator 1
IMG_4517 - Irvine Alley

and here is a detail of the cop's face in IMG_3888:

I've posted the APs of these before, this is the new set of the Boxhagener Platz series.

left to right:
IMG_5173, IMG_5076
IMG_5105 and IMG_4963

a detail of IMG_4963:

and finally a few impressions from the interior of the gallery:

"Grains of Wrath"
Sept. 11th - Oct. 10th, 2009
Wilde Gallery, Chausseestr. 7, 10115 Berlin -
Opening hours: Wed. - Sat., 12 - 6 p.m.
An online version of the catalog is here.

In case anyone wants to know, most of the original photos were taken at minor clashes between police and protesters in Berlin in 2007 and 2009, the photo of John Wright is from a Nomeansno concert in Berlin in 2007, Kreator played here in 2009 and finally the Irvine shot was taken in the alley behind Irvine Contemporary in Washington D.C. in 2009.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Grains of Wrath" - PISA73 exhibition in Berlin

Here's the flyer that promotes the show.
The details:
Opening reception on Friday, September 11th at 7 p.m.
The duration of the exhibition is from 9/12 till 10/10, opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 12 to 7.

Wilde Gallery
Chausseestr. 7
10115 Berlin

Monday, May 4, 2009

Berlin, Walpurgisnacht 2009

In Berlin, the night from April 30th to May 1st traditionally is reserved for physical exercise and competition between the police and demonstrators. Following last year's almost eerie silence this year yielded a bit more, well, ritualistic action (not as much as the next day in Kreuzberg tho).

This selection of photos is quite random at best and most of the shots are blurry and grainy as a result of my refusing to use a flash in such situations thus all photos were taken with a wide-angle lense, iso 3200 and 1/25.

Noteworthy occurrences:
- a stretch-limo materialized out of nowhere amidst rioters and cops
- an ordinary garbage container on fire kept the media mob excited for the better part of 20 minutes
- stuck in a police kettle an angry man complains about the lack of emergency exits, prophesying several cops would lose their jobs over this

Here are the photos: