Thursday, February 10, 2011

ArtMosh in Munich, February 2011

In the first week of February 2011, I suddenly found myself in Munich at an event titled "ArtMosh". Here, several artists from various fields were brought together for a two-night art show. Appearing in the following photos are: Alex James, Mike (I hope), Neil Ayling, Wolfgang Krell, Jaybo Monk, Richie Culver, Alex Fakso and Anton Unai. And additionally some of their pieces.

Here's the entire list of participating artists:
Alex James, Alex Fakso, Anton Unai, Case, Dan Baldwin, Jaybo Monk, Kelsey Brookes, Morgan Slade, Yoskay Yamamoto, Andrew Hem, Richie Culver, Faith 47, Herakut, Pisa73, Hornhead, Niall O'Brian, Tomomi Sayuda, Stefan Strumbel, Neil Ayling, Wolfgang Krell, Flitr.

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