Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nasan Tur: "Komunismus Soziallismus Kapietalismus"

Today the gf and I stumbled into Nasan Tur's (cv) exhibition at Tanas by accident: we were asking directions to a Bill Viola exhibition (Bill Viola "Transfiguration", Haunch of Venison, Heidestrasse 46, and decided to have a look around. I remembered seeing reviews in several magazines and at least someone I know personally held Nasan Tur in pretty high regard.
He seems to enjoy taking jabs at society either by supplying willing marchers with subversive backpacks, or by providing those who always wanted to make a point with a speaker system, or simply by continuously summersaulting in crowed spaces. He also appears to be very fond of bad spelling and taking the occasional bath in a puddle.

Taking photos was kindly allowed by the gallery so here are a few examples.

"Time for Revollusion" (2008)


There's more on the Sabotaz blog and I didn't want to repeat myself.

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