Sunday, November 2, 2008

Berliner Liste 2008

This year's iteration of Berliner Liste was held at Haus Cumberland on Kurfürstendamm 193. I was told the building was intended to become a luxury hotel but was never used in that capacity. It was used however by a financial authority for a number of years - evident in the abundant use of ghastly yellow wall paint in the hallways, mutilated stucco on the ceilings and other silent witnesses of an existence under the bureaucratic knout.
Even though I am in no position to doubt the fair organizer's good intentions, it was quite obvious that some basic requirements hadn't received their share of pondering: bars on every level are certainly most welcome, but wouldn't that call for more than one bathroom far in the back of the lobby? Especially- and here is the second shortcoming- with four floors in use but only two ancient elevators, which took turns being out of order and were restricted to three persons.

Anyway, here I have a few photos of the modest 4th floor room where Wilde Gallery had some of my pieces on display.

Some pre-fair photos:

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